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Friday 4th October, 2019

Waste Management

And Breathe!

The students are booked in, Fresher’s Week and Welcome Meetings are underway, and you can enjoy a quick cuppa, before the Halloween festivities begin.

Over the past 4 weeks we have worked closely with our clients with the demands of processing and receiving thousands of new and returning students, to quickly and effectively remove waste from their sites throughout the UK. From Edinburgh to Bournemouth, each site has its own individual requirements and idiosyncrasies, and we make it our business to get to know each one and tailor our services to match.
Proactive planning of on-site skips, RORO’s, and additional Bin Collections were scheduled in to coincide with this busy, (some may say manic!) period, with bulk waste removals as an extra helping hand where needed.

We don’t have a crystal ball to tell our clients how much waste they will produce, but we can assure them that we will be there when they need us.

With our on-call teams available 24/7, we are your waste emergency service.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements!

Clearground provide our core service across the following regions: Birkenhead, Wirral, Merseyside and Liverpool, but we can also provide our services all over the North West.