Corporate Social Responsibility

At Clearground we recognise that our activities have a significant impact on the wider social, environmental and economic well being of the areas we work in. We believe strongly that that all organisations have a duty to become good corporate citizens and we aim to continue this where we can as we continue to grow.

We can break our beliefs down to 5 key areas:

Our People

We value and respect everything that makes our staff individuals and encourage a culture of diversity and inclusion with everyone we employ. We believe in offering training to all staff no matter what role they undertake to ensure they have the help and tools to reach their full potential.

Our Local Communities

Over the years we have helped many local youth or sports clubs, individuals, charity’s and non for profit organisations through either donations or assisted in other ways by offering our services or time, free of charge to help with fund raising, charity or social awareness events. This is something we will always continue to do as we expand and develop.

The Environment

We strongly believe in caring for the environment and recognise our responsibilities to do business in a way that can protect or improve it in any way for future generations. We continuously try to develop and integrate good environment practices into our work methods and locations and taking a sustainable approach to whatever we do.

Our Supply Chain

Our reputation is paramount to us and to help protect this, we will never knowingly do business with any organisation that doesn’t share our commitment to dealing with stakeholders fairly and indeed ethically. Our approach to procurement is based dealing with all our suppliers in a fair and open and honest manner.

Our Customers

Our customer base is varied and diverse covering many sectors and industries. Regardless of the product we offer we continually work to ensure that we are providing the most suitable and eco-friendly service as possible. ‘Treating Customers fairly and with integrity’ is core to this belief. We ensure that we advise where possible to help them achieve greater overall environmental sustainability and economic success.

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Clearground provide our core service across the following regions: Birkenhead, Wirral, Merseyside and Liverpool, but we can also provide our services all over the North West.