Hazardous Waste

The disposal of hazardous waste requires a professional and experienced approach. At Clearground we can efficiently and safely dispose of your hazardous waste.

Whether a one-off collection is required or you need your hazardous waste collecting and disposing of on a regular basis, Clearground has the solution for you. Our trained team of hazardous waste experts can quickly and efficiently collect your waste and dispose of it in the most effective way possible.

If your company produces hazardous waste, you have a duty of care to your staff, visitors and the wider public and environment to dispose of them safely and efficiently. In order to maintain this duty of care, we will handle and dispose of your hazardous waste with no harm or damage to anyone or the environment.

This highly specialised waste management solution must always be undertaken by a trained team of knowledgeable professionals to ensure there is no wider damage during disposal – That’s where Clearground can help!

If your company produces waste that includes any of the following, you will need appropriate hazardous waste management:

• Asbestos
• Chemicals
• Batteries
• Solvents
• Pesticides
• Non-edible oils
• Equipment containing ozone-depleting substances
• Hazardous waste containers

Hazardous waste requires professional disposal, which is why we adhere to all of the most recent regulatory changes and Government-imposed legislation. This ensures your company is within the confines of the restrictions surrounding the disposal hazardous waste at all times.

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