COVID-19 – Deep Cleaning and Sanitisation

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Thursday 19th March, 2020

Clearground Facilities Maintenance are here to support you through these difficult times. Our Commercial Cleaning department specialises in the Deep Cleaning of infected and non affected areas.

Given the nature of the Corona virus outbreak, different techniques and strategies are currently being tested as to how to most effectively deliver a thorough deep clean of a living/working area. It is important to note that as to date, there is no one single identified process which has been proven to completely eliminate the Covid 19 Coronavirus strain from an infected area

The current advice is to follow the strongest disinfection methods currently available.

Utilising a 2 stage deep clean, this will include both a physical clean by our staff, ensuring every surface and touch surfaces are disinfected with a chlorine-based solution, followed up by a Sanitising misting of an affected area where required.

Together, these methods are proven to be effective against known viruses such as Hepatitis B, HIV, Avian Flu, Noro Virus and others, known bacteria species, Pseudomonas, Legionella, Salmonella, Listeria and others, and many known Fungi.

We have taken the approach of using a two-step process as it is known that this is the most effective against viruses and bacteria.

On completion of this procedure, the area can be reopened almost immediately.

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