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From waste management to deep cleaning of your premises, our team of experts can offer advice on what’s best for your company in terms of your cleaning services.

Urban pest birds can cause an immense amount of damage to buildings as well as being unsightly.

Accumulated deposits of guano can cause rapid stone decay to your premises, as it contains a concentrated source of acid, which can lead to slow erosion and damage to buildings and their fabric.

Birds nesting on properties can also lead to numerous Health and Safety issues, as they are carriers of a wide variety of parasitic insects which are known to cause public health issues, such as Dermestes beetle and bird fleas etc. They are also known to carry diseases which are considered detrimental to human health such as Ornithosis, Salmonella, and Ecoli which can easily be passed to members of the public.

Clearground will carry out a full site survey prior to the guano cleaning and removal service, with the minimum of disruption. We will also make recommendations based on our extensive experience to provide you with options on how to proof the area to ensure that your base doesn’t get attacked again from pest birds!

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