CCTV Camera Drain Survey

If your building is experiencing blocked drains, our on-site CCTV survey system will be able to detect the root of the problem, allowing our team to quickly and effectively resolve the issue with minimal disruption.

Whilst a large proportion of drainage issues and blockages can quickly and easily be resolved with high-pressure jetting of the line, a survey of the situation may be needed. This process allows our trained team of professionals to assess the problem by identifying any breaks, collapsed lines, tree root ingress or any major blockages.

The CCTV survey is quick and easy, using remote control camera systems designed for this exact purpose – this means our engineers don’t need to manually enter the drains, which can be an expensive and time-consuming process.

Each survey we carry out for our clients is supplied via the Wincan reporting system alongside a written report and DVD footage which will clearly show the issues found. All of these items are yours to keep after the survey, and our written report includes all of our no-obligation recommendations.

If a quick solution cannot be found, your buildings insurance will usually cover the cost of any lengthy or larger repairs. To help resolve your problem as quickly as possible, our Clearground Support Services can assist by liaising with your insurance company on your behalf. This allows you to concentrate on other business matters, safe in the knowledge that our professional team is looking after everything for you.

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